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  • 1st Richmond Heights Councilmember to hold Ward Meetings to keep constituents engaged and informed and introduced legislation to provide resources so all members of Council could do the same

  • Introduced legislation for hand sanitizer at all businesses within our City.

  • Introduced legislation to amend ordinance to add the reason for emergency suspensions of the rules

  • As Audit Chair, reconciled the Agency Fund Deposit after having been previously assessed significant deficiency for decades by the State of Ohio

  • Delivered on a campaign promise to have streetlights installed for seniors at the entrance of their street.

  • Supported seniors by voting for the Cleveland Partnership of Aging Resource Programs

  • Passed legislation declaring racism as a public health crisis and to have a DEI board to monitor.

  • Voted on more than 575 pieces of legislation to support the residents of Richmond Heights

  • Voted to have the Kiwanis Lodge remodeled and for the youth and family's new playground equipment at both community parks

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